Industrial Scrap Metal Management Solutions for Manufacturing Facilities

Geomet is a trusted industrial metal recycling partner for manufacturing facilities in DFW.

Manufacturing facilities partner with Geomet because we’re a dependable, flexible company that’s always open for business. We help to manage recyclable challenges daily or on an as-need basis. Being a family-owned, customer-focused industrial metal recycling facility—with a stellar reputation in the industry—adds further to our appeal.

industrial metal management solutions for manufacturing facilities
Metal Industrial Recycling Service

We Understand The Unique Recycling Challenges Of Manufacturing Facilities

We partner with many local manufacturing facilities to recycle their scrap metal. We understand manufacturing scrap metal challenges and know how to tailor solutions that profit both parties. Not only can Geomet add dollars to the scrap revenue, but we can do it with no disruption to day-to-day operations. Our team makes recycling waste material simple and profitable.

A Profitable Solution to Handling Your Scrap Metal

Many manufacturers still pay to have recyclable material sent to landfill sites. It’s not only costly but damaging to local ecosystems. Our approach to metal waste offers cost-effective recycling that’s more efficient and kinder to the planet.

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industrial scrap metal management for manufacturing facilities in garland

We Tailor Our Solutions To Your Unique Needs

No two manufacturing facilities are equal, and it’s why we work closely with our partners to devise custom solutions. The result is an efficient scrap management system that meets specific needs and exceeds expectations. That includes timely collections and drop-offs, fast processing times, and prompt payments.

Quality, long-lasting, one-on-one relations with our partners is central to our business. Geomet is always in the market to buy, even when our competitors are not. 

Drop-Off Services

Geomet strives to make the process of scrap metal drop-off as simple and efficient as possible for our partners. Our facility is adequately designed and our clearly visible signage directs drivers to the right loading docks.

A friendly greeter approaches the vehicle to assess its load before directing the driver to a drive-up weigh station or an unloading dock. Someone on our team examines, weighs, and unloads the waste material. We then pay for the scrap by the agreed method, and the driver leaves our facility.

Industrial Scrap Metal Processing and Consolidation Services for Manufacturing Facilities

Geomet makes it easy for manufacturing facilities to recycle their scrap metal. We offer recycling equipment, processing, and consolidation services.
pick up service for metal recycling

Roll-of Containers:​

Open-top dumpsters for on-site scrap metal storage and removal.

hoppers for metal recycling

Self-Dumping Hoppers:

A perfect, flexible solution for in-process scrap metal handling. Unload self-dumping hoppers with forklifts and other equipment with fork attachments. Once full, operators can empty the hopper scrap into larger containers.

personalized consolidation solutions for metal recycling

Personalized Indoor Storage Bins:

Use to quickly separate scrap metal waste.

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