Dallas Metal Recycling Center

Why Recycle Your Metals With Geomet?

Geomet is an established leader in scrap metal recycling with decades of hands-on experience. Our commitment to quality relationships has been at the bedrock of our business model.

We believe passionately that our number one resource is the people who work with us. We’ve cultivated a reputation of excellence within this industry.

A Committed Team of Scrap Metal Recyclers

Our team shares a determination toward building a better world through sustainable metal recycling on a local, national, and global scale. This is Geomet’s approach for slowing landfills and helping conserve the earth’s natural resources.

Scrap Metal Recycling and Environmental Sustainability

Efficient recycling and advanced equipment reduce the need to mine and refine raw ores. Our processes also emit less greenhouse gas emissions than excavating new metals.

Mining consumes significantly more energy than recycling. That means our operations are more cost and energy-efficient. Therefore, intelligent resource management and reuse are critical parts of our strategic approach to environmental sustainability.

Best Pricing and Logistic Solutions

Over the decades, we’ve built an extensive network of domestic and international consumers that connects us with the best buyers. Our reliable network lets us offer the most competitive rates for waste metals.

For businesses, we can manage entire scrap metal systems. These operations boost scrap revenues and provide clients with more efficient, time-saving setups.

Customer-Focused Metal Recycling Operations

Our range of customer-focused services meets modern demands and new challenges. Geomet caters to the recycling needs of local businesses and large manufacturers. We also serve the families and individual recyclers who care about sustainability.

Geomet’s metal recycling center in Dallas, TX offers full-service recycling and processing for most metals. Our five operations include:


Shearing & sorting
Reduces large pieces of metal by cutting


Reduces metal to fist-sized lumps


Compacts the materials into regular-shaped dense bales


Machines that reduce the metal into small pieces


Cutting torches maximize freight and improve scrap value

How Much Do We Pay for Waste Metal?

Scrap metal prices can and do fluctuate based on supply and demand. Copper prices, for example, are higher during a housing boom and lower during a property slump. Thus, the higher the demand, the more we pay for scrap metals.
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aluminum Recycling

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BRASS recycling

Dallas Metal Recycling Center

Geomet buys ferrous and nonferrous metals, electronic scrap, and other metals. Furthermore, we accept all metal waste from buyers, regardless of quantity. View the typical recyclable scrap metals we buy.

Stainless steel / STEEL recyling

stainless steel metal recycling
alloy metal recycling dallas

alloy recycling

titanium recycling

titanium recycling facilities in dallas


recycle your electronics dallas

Drop-off Services - Get In, Get Paid, and Get Out

When you bring your materials to GEOMET’s scrap metal facility in the Dallas, TX area, you can expect the following hands-on and efficient process:

One of our pleasant greeters will come to your vehicle and assess your need.

You will be directed where to go, whether it’s to one of our drive-up weighing stations or to an unloading dock.

Your items will be carefully and efficiently weighed, inspected, and unloaded.

Our team members will answer any questions you have, provide you with next steps, and show you how to get paid.

After sorting and processing your materials, Geomet ships to smelters and mills all over the world.

We work with individuals and businesss of all sizes to help them make a profit out of their scrap metal:



Trades & Contractors

Manufacturing Facilities

Scrap Metal Solutions

Processing and Consolidation Services

There are industrial and commercial businesses that generate scrap metal as a byproduct of their operations. Sound familiar to you? Maybe you’re a roofing company that has scrap pieces of aluminum gutters or other soft metals piling up after a day’s worth of big residential jobs. Or, you’re a fabricator with obsolete parts, old equipment, and maintenance scrap.

Geomet Recycling caters to industrial and commercial businesses like yours that have periodic or daily recycling needs.

Dallas Scrap Metal Prices

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