Scrap Metal Recycling for Individuals and Families

Geomet Recycling facility welcomes all visitors, accepting scrap metal from individuals and households. That includes anyone who wants to contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future. As a proud family-owned company, we care about local communities, saving energy, and protecting the earth’s finite resources.

aluminum recycling center

Aluminum Recycling and Other Scrap Metals

Our Dallas-based recycling facility is ready and equipped to serve individual recyclers, whether it’s every week or once a year. We work with individuals who have a lot to sell or only a little. Either way, the seller plays a part in protecting our environment while earning money from their scrap metal. Whether aluminum cans, aluminum scrap, or any other metal waste.

dallas aluminum recycling center

Individuals and families

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Electricians & plumbers

dallas scrap metal recycling for construction companies in dallas

Independent contractors

What is the process to recycle your scrap metal?

We know people are busy, and we don’t want to take any more of their time than necessary. Our hands-on, efficient buying process works like this:

A Geomet greeter meets sellers at the entrance to assess the scrap.

They direct the seller to our unloading dock or drive-up weighing station.

Someone weighs, inspects, then unloads the scrap material.

We pay the seller a fair price based on market value.

Geomet then sorts and processes the scrap to prepare it for the next stage.

We buy your aluminum, electronic scrap and other metals!

How much is your scrap metal worth?

Geomet Recycling offers fair pricing, friendly customer service and clean facilities. If you would like to receive a quote for your scrap metal, fill out the form below or visit our facility in person.
aluminum recycling center
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