Find Your Work Family at Geomet Recycling

A vibrant family-run company that cares about people. We offer exciting career opportunities and competitive benefits.

A Career With Geomet Recycling Is More Than a Job.

Our team is at the center of our organization’s productivity and overall success. And our holistic approach puts people as the company’s number one resource while adding to the workplace experience.

Our 5 Core Values

We’re passionate about forming lasting relationships and mutually valuable business friendships in recycling. And our tight-knit workforce shares a genuine passion for sustainable communities for future generations.

Geomet stands for honesty and ethical principles. Relationships are at the core of our family-owned business, always putting people first, without exception.

Our safety culture guarantees workplace protection and overall employee well-being. Thus, we enforce high safety standards and regulations.

We support a sustainable future through scrap metal recycling and other viable practices. We re-claim and process materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Our management and leadership team never take talented hands-on staff for granted. We recognize and show gratitude to our people who add value to the workplace culture, self-improvement, and company success. It’s also why we offer attractive health and well-being benefits for our valued team members.

Find a New Home with the Geomet Family

Become a valued member of the Geomet team. This family-owned company employs team players with an entrepreneurial spirit. Our people commit to customer satisfaction, quality performance, and continual improvement.

Why Work for Us?

We’re a well-established company passionate about what we do. It’s why we’re fast becoming an industry leader in sustainable scrap metal recycling. Working for us offers opportunities for job seekers passionate about environmental work practices and community sustainability.


Our Six Competitive Benefits for Valued Employees Include:


Paid sick days


Personal floating holidays


Personal time off (accrual-based)


Medical, dental, and vision insurance


Employee paid life insurance


Wellness program

We depend on our dedicated teams for continual success, just as they can depend on our competitive benefits to support their careers.