About Geomet Recycling

A genuine passion for metal recycling, investment in people, and making our world a better place.

A Reputation of Excellence in
Scrap Metal Recycling

Geomet Recycling is a tight-knit family of veteran scrap metal recyclers. The focus and commitment of our management and leadership team have always been—and will continue to be—focused and committed to building new and cultivating existing relationships with our steadfast employees and valued partners.

The Geomet team boasts some 100 years of combined experience in scrap metal recycling. Together, we ensure persistent high-quality performance that aims to surpass customer expectations through collaboration and continual improvements.

While we’ve grown into a sizable business, we haven’t lost that friendly ‘small company’ feel and hands-on approach. We have cultivated a wealth of knowledge that spans three generations in the metal recycling business. Our expertise, attention to quality relationships, and scalable operations set us apart from the competition.

People — Our Number One Resource

Geomet Recycling is a dependable partner to all people – whether that is our team, our buyers, or sellers. Together, we offer quality scrap and services that promise to deliver on time, every time, with zero claims.

Committed to a Sustainable Future

Geomet cares deeply about our role in sustaining the earth’s natural resources and saving energy. We help slow landfills and afford a dependable supply of sustainable products locally and worldwide by recycling metals. And we’re passionate about helping communities invest in an environmentally vibrant and healthy future for all.

Our Customers

Our facility is open to the public, serving large industrial/commercial clients, small businesses, and residential customers. We buy and recycle over 65,000 tons of waste metal annually, producing high-quality, recycled scrap metal our buyers can rely on.

We offer advanced logistical solutions for our partners, competitive prices, and a friendly, capable team to make the entire process seamless.

Geomet Recycling
Scrap Metal Stats

Tons Recycled in 2021

The Geomet Pledge

We aspire to be the best scrap metal recycling facility for those looking to sell and buy dependable metals at scale. Our commitment to quality extends to local communities, and we pledge to be responsible environmental stewards. What’s more, it’s our mission to help individuals and industries recycle and reuse waste metal to keep it out of landfills.