Community Involvement

A family-operated company with a passion for economic responsibility, sustainable practices, and community involvement.

Geomet Recycling puts people and relationships at the core of its business operations. Salvaging scrap metal for reuse employs locals and supports families. But our communal contributions extend past the career opportunities people rely on within this fascinating industry.

The Geomet Mission

Geomet Recycling has a real sense of community spirit. We contribute to local well-being through stable employment and by promoting ecological wellness. We’re also advocates for educating citizens about the environmental significance of recycling.

Community Relationships Matter

As a responsible family-owned operation, we care about—and invest in—people. Hence, community relationships with those who work with us directly or indirectly are central to our business. It’s why we take our five company values of integrity, passion, sustainability, gratitude, and safety seriously.

Making the World a Better Place For All

Geomet commits to making our world a better place now and for future generations. We help to enrich local communities by supporting causes we’re passionate about. That includes projects promoting sustainability and the enrichment of our communities, and champion the well-being of families.

Company Ethics

Geomet is a family-run company that values people as our number one resource. We understand the importance of community engagement as a pillar of social responsibility. We work closely with buyers and sellers. And collaborating with local supply chain partners supports other businesses and individuals in the District. Moreover, our dedication to continual growth and innovation adds further to the local economy and wider District.