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Geomet is creating a sustainable legacy powered by a passion for scrap metal recycling.

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How to recycle your scrap metal?


How to Recycle Your Scrap Metal With Geomet Recycling?


Our recycling facilities have a seamless drop-off, get-paid, and drive-away system. We proudly maintain a clean and organized environment with a family-friendly atmosphere. Our goal is to give every one of our guests a stress-free experience.

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How to Recycle Your Scrap Metal With Geomet Recycling?


A friendly greeter approaches your vehicle to assess your needs. Your greeter directs you to either a drive-up weighing station or an unloading dock, depending on your needs.

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How to Recycle Your Scrap Metal With Geomet Recycling?


A team member weighs, inspects, and unloads your waste metal. Our staff then shows you where to get paid.

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Why recycle your metal with Geomet?

We recycle scrap metals to conserve natural resources, slow landfills, and provide a consistent supply of sustainable products locally and around the globe. For three generations, we’ve earned the trust and respect of our buyers and sellers.

Our team all share a determination toward building a better world through sustainable metal recycling on a local, national, and global scale.

Efficient recycling and advanced equipment reduce the need to mine and refine raw ores. Our processes also emit less greenhouse gas emissions than excavating new metals.

Fair pricing and logistic solutions deliver the best value at scale to both our suppliers and buyers.

Our range of customer-focused services meet the demands of a variety of scrap metal sellers and buyers – from individuals to large industrial partners.

Recycling Facts

Steel products can be recycled repeatedly with no loss to the metal’s strength.

Recycling just one ton of steel saves 1,100kg of iron ore, 630kg of coal, and up to 55kg of limestone (used to remove impurities).

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Recycled copper is worth up to 90% of the cost of newly mined copper. It’s also infinitely recyclable and much more cost-effective than mining new metal.

One million recycled cell phones recover 35,000 lbs. of copper, 772 lbs. of silver, about 75 lbs. of gold, and 33 lbs. of palladium.

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Aluminum is the most abundant, highly recyclable metal on earth, and around two-thirds of that ever produced is still in circulation today.

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