GEOMET Recycling purchases nonferrous and ferrous material from different sectors, including metal manufacturing companies and other scrap metal dealers. Founded with a combination of a superior customer service-oriented team and the ability to offer competitive pricing and market expertise, GEOMET is a natural leader in the industry. GEOMET’S sales management team takes pride in partnering with its customers and creating long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Scrap-Metal-Recycling-Dallas_Services-MaterialsGEOMET recycles nonferrous and ferrous metals, including aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, insulated wire, titanium, alloys, radiators, steel, as well as electronic scrap and other miscellaneous recyclable metals.

Scrap-Metal-Recycling-Dallas_Services-ContainersGEOMET can provide equipment to meet your recycling needs. Whether you require roll off containers, self-dumping hoppers, or personalized inside storage bins to segregate your metals, GEOMET will work to meet your specific requirements.

Scrap-Metal-Recycling-Dallas_Services-PlantGEOMET will personally assess your company to ensure that you are assigned a scrap management system that fulfills your expectations. There are always paths to increase scrap revenue and add additional dollars to your bottom line.

Scrap-Metal-Recycling-Dallas_Services-EnvironmentalGEOMET is committed to maintaining a safe work environment, free of any hazardous material. By keeping reusable material out of landfills, GEOMET is sustaining the earth’s natural resources, saving energy, and helping our communities maintain an environmentally vigorous and healthy future.

Contact GEOMET for pricing on your material and we will have a representative assist you immediately.