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Applicants: Please complete the form below. If you prefer to instead download a PDF version, please click here:  PDF Application.

After completion, upload your PDF application below, or fax it to 1-214-730-0626.

EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION: An Equal Opportunity Employer

Employment Application


  • IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO THE QUESTION ABOVE, PLEASE EXPLAIN BELOW. List dates, location (city, state & county), violation(s) and outcome below:





  • I certify that all answers given by me are true, accurate and complete. I understand that the falsification, misrepresentation or omission of fact on this application (or any other accompany or required documents) may be cause for denial of employment of immediate termination of employment, regardless of when or how discovered. I authorize my former employers, references and education institution to provide information and opinions about me which may lawfully be disclosed. I hereby waive written notice of the release of such information and opinions, inducing the release of information concerning disciplinary matters, and I release such former employers, references and educational institutions from any liability or claim related to such lawful release of information and opinions. I also authorize federal, state, and local governmental agencies to release any information requested concerning any criminal convictions on my record. A photocopy of this signed authorization and release will be valid as an original. I understand and agree that my employment will be at will and may be terminated by me or the Company at any time for any cause or no cause. I understand an agree that no one employee by the Company (except the Company’s Chief Executive Officer by a specific written contract for a specific term of years naming the employee and signed by the employee and Chief Executive Officer) has any authority to limit in any way the Company’s right to terminate employment at will, or to offer employment other than on an at-will-basis. I understand and agree to the Company’s policy that the Company’s decisions on all employment related matters are final, and are not subject to review of appeal outside the Company except as required by laws providing or requiring employers to provide specific employment standards and rights.


NOTICE TO APPLICANTS: Please be aware that all applicants for employment who receive job offers will be required to submit to urinalysis for the purpose of detecting the presence of controlled substances. Prospective employees tested will be required to sign a Consent/Release prior to testing. The job offer will be contingent upon the prospective employee signing the Consent form, as well as the results of the test. Our company is an equal employment opportunity employer and will not discriminate on the basis of any characteristic protected by law.

This application for employment is good for 60 days only. Consideration for employment after (60 days) requires a new application.

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